Ad registration rules

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According to the rules of the site, the insertion of any advertisement related to unauthorized goods and services is not allowed.

List of unauthorized goods and services:

Ads related to:

- Insulting the official religions of the country, different ethnicities and dialects,

- Performing filtering services or selling filter breakers, VPNs, etc.

- Sales, installation and any services related to satellite,

- Rare and endangered hunting animals, or wild and carnivorous animals whose sale is prohibited by law,
- Buy and sell any medicine, vitamins and sports materials, drugs to increase and decrease height and ...

- Selling any drugs or substances to quit addiction, quit smoking and ...
Rent, sell, or display any DVD, VCD, CD, or VHC, including image or audio,
- Selling CDs or DVDs of video console or computer games,
Enlargement or reduction of body parts, slimming and obesity products (pills, powders, gels, adhesives, capsules) and similar items that do not have health, medicine and medical licenses.
- Buying and selling body parts,

- Privacy, concubinage and marriage, marriage, family counseling or dating sites and و
- Fortune-telling and fortune-telling, such as: fortune-telling and fortune-telling training books, fortune-telling and other related advertisements ...

- hack program or tutorials - crack or break the lock and…
- Dance training or similar cases that are prohibited by law,
- Earn money and pyramid companies, network marketing and ...
- Buy and sell business cards,

- Buy and sell fuel cards,

- Buy and sell checks,

- Do not comply with the laws related to the rights of author, translator, inventor and owner of the work,

- Buy or sell or carry out student projects, dissertations and proposals,

- Obtaining or issuing a green card,
- Any contest or lottery,

- Metal detector or treasure finder and ...

- Supply of any hazardous incendiary materials such as: incendiary materials and smoke bombs and ...

- Issuance of invoice or pre-invoice for obtaining a loan, elimination of the employer's insurance share or any duties and taxes and any action contrary to social security and tax laws and related organizations,

- Release script for sending bulk SMS,

- Unauthorized telecommunication equipment such as telephones or long distance wireless,

- Weapons with a caliber of 5.5, cold weapons such as clubs, self-defense equipment such as pepper spray and tear gas, etc.
- Buy and sell and grant any loans,
- Rent any document and degree,

- Applicant or application to move in,

- Cargo advertisement in Khorasan Razavi and Tehran provinces without business license,

- Sale of non-peaceful car remittances,

- Employment abroad,

- Physiotherapy at home, occupational therapy at home, leprosy therapy at home without the relevant license,

- Buy and sell and rent any license,

- Selling property abroad,

- Hiring women on a 24-hour basis,

- Daily or short-term rental of property without a license,

- Buying and selling live cattle,

- Buy and sell mobile phones and tablets without boxes,

- Buying and selling any flash or external hard drive containing video and data,

- Buy and sell Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go,

- Supply of espionage equipment such as: SIM card eavesdropping device, camera with automatic, camera with clock, automatic scanner, keylogger and ...

- Buy and sell active SIM cards without transferring ownership,

- Credit line charge transfer or sale,

- Buy and sell social networks and increase followers,

In general, any advertisement that is contrary to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and that the purchase, sale or performance of its services is contrary to the existing regulations.

Duplicate, similar or multiple ads with the same image are not allowed.

It is not allowed to insert links or any advertisements on the site and online stores in the description or title of the advertisement.

On the Khodro Safar site, "net marketing" or "business advertising" or "wholesale sales of goods" is allowed in the subcategories "wholesale sales" and "introduction and advertising of businesses", and each advertisement should only be in the direction of advertising a product. , Be a product or service to be approved by the relevant group.

It is not allowed to insert words and phrases such as sale, free, cheap, phone, car, special auction and the like in the title of the ad.

In advertisements related to the sale of SIM cards, the SIM card number must be inserted in the title.

The use of the store name in the title of the advertisement is allowed only in the subcategories "Major sales" and "Introduction and advertising of the business".



Inserting any social network links and IDs in the ad image is not allowed.

As the main image of the ad, you are only allowed to insert the real image of your product. Because inserting a real image (meaning a real image is an image that you have personally taken of your product) reduces the likelihood of online fraud and also the buyer can accurately identify the appearance of the product he intends to buy in the image To see. It should be noted that ads that have a real image with high quality and from all angles have more than 5 times more views and the probability of selling than other ads.

Product advertisement image should not have text in large font or color that makes the image of the ad invisible.

The images in the ad must be related to the goods or services provided.

Images posted by other users are not usable.

In the employment, services and business group, you can insert a photo of your company logo

Zero car suggestion regarding image insertion

When you show the real picture of your product or service to the buyers from different angles and with the desired quality, in addition to gaining their trust and attention, you will have a better impact on their purchasing decision.

Statistics show that ads with real photos from different angles are viewed up to 5 times more than other ads.

Title and description

Ad Title: The first box titled "What do you have to sell?" Or is the title of the ad. This section should include a summary of the names and key features of the product or service (more than 10 characters) to make the ad faster and easier to find in searches. For example: Pride white hatchback model 90.

Description: In this section, you must enter a complete description of the goods or services that you want to register the ad.

It is not allowed to write contact information such as phone, link, etc. in the title and description.

Please refrain from copying the title and description of other people's ads.

Avoid inserting an ID or link to Instagram or Telegram or other social networks in the ad description.

Khodrosafar website is designed in Persian and for Persian speakers, the ad must be inserted with a Persian keyboard.

Inserting any bank account number, requesting prepayment for remote transaction or requesting cash assistance in the description of the advertisement is not allowed.

The content of the ad must be spelled correctly and without typos.


Inserting a price increases users' visits and trust in your ad.

If you include several products in one ad, we suggest that you include the prices separately in the description.

Your ad will not be approved if you post an unusual price for your product or service

Zero car offer

Inserting a real and fair price is very effective in selling your goods quickly. If you do not know the price of your goods, you can see similar examples on the Khodro Safar website to determine the price range for you.

If the ad posted on the site is in conflict with the rules of the ad, the management of the car site will immediately remove unauthorized images, links, emails, etc. from your ad.

If the ad posted by the user is unauthorized, the experts of the support unit will remove or reject it, which will be notified to you via SMS.

"General Terms of Use of Bama - Subscriber for Real and Legal Users"

Bama website is a fully specialized site in the field of automotive information, which is registered and created and operating under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This website, as an electronic site, adheres to all laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and deals with violators of these laws within its legal authority.

Content of bama.ir website is planned as an information website based on Persian language; Therefore, the use of Persian language in inserting content and phrases must be observed. Obviously, any phrase other than this language - whether English or Finglish - will be automatically removed from public view.

This website does not interfere in the pricing of cars and pricing is done solely at the discretion of the advertiser; However, if the price of the advertised car is too unreasonable compared to the usual market price range, the Bama team will remove the price at its own discretion or move it to the ad description.

This website does not interfere in whole or in part in the possible transaction of the people who have used its informational content and does not receive any interest in their possible transaction; Therefore, it is not responsible for conducting their transactions or supervising its implementation. Accordingly, the observance of the necessary legal, technical and economic precautions in conducting the transaction is directly the responsibility of the traders and the consequences will not be borne by this site at all.

This website does not intend to create confusion, control, direction, anxiety or any partial or total interference in the rate or volume of transactions in the car market and generally absolves itself of any possible responsibilities arising from it. Accordingly, if any of the users of the website, by providing inappropriate prices and inserting incorrect explanations or any kind of resort to methods or methods that fall within the framework of the above examples, try to violate that mission, their use according to the evaluation and decision of managers The site will be temporarily or permanently blocked without any prior notice and will be notified to the competent authorities for legal action if necessary.

Dear users, be sure to heed the warnings of the FATA police and other law enforcement, security and regulatory authorities, and be personally responsible for a secure transaction.

The link, e-mail address or any other virtual advertisement of other natural or legal persons in the content of this site is for information purposes only and we will not be responsible for the content of those links or e-mail addresses or their subsequent changes.

Any content or advertisement registered by natural or legal persons is reviewed by Bama Team's automated and non-automated monitoring systems and after the content is approved, it is uploaded and displayed. Obviously, if the information is provided incompletely or in violation of the rules and regulations of Bama, Bama will correct or delete them as much as possible according to the existing rules.

None of the users have the right to copy and misuse other people's advertising content - such as the unauthorized use of car images or their specific descriptions and combinations - in such a way that there is a 100% similarity between them. If the complainant observes or reports, the content will be modified or deleted, or the abuser will be temporarily and permanently blocked.

Users must be careful when entering their vehicle information. After placing the ad, it is not possible to modify and change information such as brand, model, car year, etc.

Each ad is dedicated to displaying the information of a car; Therefore, in case of providing any additional information in the ad that includes some kind of advertisement compared to other cars, goods and services, it will be automatically removed. Accordingly, the descriptions that include the advertisement of the exhibition, representation, color, number, logo, face of the seller, Telegram and Instagram channels and other social networks, and any additional descriptions in general, will be automatically removed. Only for legal users, it is not prohibited to enter the name of the company or their exhibition on the license plate.

Vehicles advertised by legal users may not be owned by these users and may be held on loan only for sale. Therefore, not all legal matters, transportation costs and taxes related to these vehicles are borne by legal users.

If you use the original promotional photo of the car (only approved for zero cars), this photo must match the type of car and on a white background and include at least one photo of the full view of the car. Otherwise, all photos in that ad will be deleted.

Any insult or threat of persons or political statements or any non-compliance with the norms and laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the use of any content that causes the loss of this site, subject to permanent removal and transfer of the user to the blacklist and referral to judicial authorities will be.

Withdrawal from cooperation and request for refund after accepting the tariff and payment operations is not accepted in any way and the refund will not be refunded and the depositor revokes his right to pursue the refund legally after depositing it.

The depositor acknowledges and acknowledges that the deposit is from his / her card and account and belongs to him / her and is personally responsible for responding to the consequences resulting from it in case of discovery of a defect. Bama site is generally free from this matter and will have the utmost cooperation with judicial and law enforcement authorities in this field.

The advertiser acknowledges that he personally owns the published images and content and guarantees the discovery of the opposite. Bama has no responsibility for discovering otherwise.

By placing an advertisement for the car and its contact telephone number, the advertiser agrees to disclose this information to the public and to exclude Bama from its possible consequences and margins.

The communication between the buyer and the seller is done directly under their own supervision and Bama has no mechanism to verify the authenticity, trust and true identity of the parties and is free from any possible responsibilities arising from it. Buyers and sellers must personally comply with these requirements.

If the car is advertised in installments, it should not be used to include various prepayments in its description.

If the car is advertised in cash, you should not enter the cash-installment mode with different advances.

Bama is committed to the highest level of confidentiality; Therefore, esteemed users of the site can not expect to provide the registered information of other users, as well as themselves, such as the IP address of the registered addresses, the date of insertion of the ad and the details of the advertisement after deletion. This information will be provided only at the request of judicial and disciplinary authorities.

Due to the implementation of the highest level of cyber security on the database of this site, no unauthorized technical access to it is possible. However, this does not imply 100% prevention of possible misuse of information that is disseminated to the public, and Bama will not be held responsible in this regard. However, Bama is constantly making extensive efforts to prevent possible abuse.

Only this website, Instagram bama.ir and Android applications that can be installed from Google Play, Cafe Bazaar and Iowa can be installed from Sibap and installer belong to Bama, and other similar channels and addresses only abuse Bama's name and brand.

If there is a difference of opinion regarding the content of the information submitted or the operations performed on a particular subject, the documents of the offices, reports as well as the electronic operations recorded in the files and computer servers of Bama will be valid documents and evidence against the other party. Deprives itself under any title.

It is the responsibility of the users to maintain the password. To avoid any possible abuse, users should be diligent in maintaining it.

Note that to send a text message from Bama, only the number 30001480 is used and no other number for sending a text message belongs to this site.

The support telephone number is 02143407000 and no other number belongs to this site.

Bama does not have a sales or support agency anywhere in the country and all its services and financial transactions are processed only through the head office. If you see any such violations, please notify us for legal action.

The terms and conditions set out on this page will be amended, expanded or modified as necessary if the circumstances change. All users are personally obliged to visit this page periodically and be informed of the latest status of the rules.

"Exclusive terms of use of Bama site - for real users"

Each real user has only the right to choose one username and if he / she works with more than one name, his / her account will be temporarily or permanently blocked. Accordingly, if a user wants to create a fluctuation in the market price by creating different uses, his account will be permanently blocked without any prior notice.

The place inserted in the text of the advertisement, in order to see and visit the car, should not be changed at the time of the applicant's visit. Therefore, legal users are not allowed to refer their customer to another location under any circumstances. If a complaint is submitted by users in this regard and it is proven, the exhibition profile will be deactivated.

It is not possible to transfer an elevator from one profile to another, even if the collections are shared, whether it is a branch, or a different office of an exhibition, agency or company.

It is not possible to transfer an ad from one profile to another, even if the collections are shared, whether it is a different branch or office of an exhibition, agency or company.

Ordinary Bama users will not be allowed to post two free ads with the same information such as brand, model, year and color.

If you have several zero-kilometer cars with similar information such as brand, model and year, package users are only allowed to post 9 ads for all similar cars produced in one year.

Package users, if they have several cars with the same information such as brand, model, year and color, are only allowed to insert 3 ads for all similar cars of the same color.

In case of any incorrect use of the purchased ad, the account of users who use the ads with green tags on the site will be blocked without any notice.

In case of any improper use of the purchased package, the account of the users who use the "packages" will be blocked without any warning and will be prosecuted.

If the user buys a Type 2, Type 3 ad or package, after payment, the amount will not be refunded in any way and Bama site will not be responsible for any refund.

If a user intentionally or inadvertently deletes a Type 2 or Type 3 ad, Bama will not be liable for returning the deleted ad.

"Exclusive Terms of Use of Bama Site - for Legal Entities (Exhibitions, Sales Agents, Importers)"

Every legal user is only allowed to have one username. Creating an independent username for affiliates must be realistic and based on physical events.

If you have several cars with similar information such as brand, model and year, users are only allowed to insert 9 ads for all similar cars produced in one year.

If you have several cars with the same information such as brand, model, year and color, users are only allowed to insert 3 ads for all similar cars of the same color.

Numbers that can be registered in the profile regarding fixed contact numbers can only be registered in accordance with the numbers listed in the business card and in the case of mobile numbers only if they are mentioned in the collection management letter of introduction. If in the section of the exhibition address, the fixed contact number of the place or other branches is seen, it will be removed by the Bama team.

Withdrawal from cooperation and request for refund after selecting the tariff and performing payment operations is not accepted in any way and the refund will not be refunded and the depositor will revoke his right to pursue the refund legally after depositing it.

If your membership expires on weekends - Thursdays and Fridays - and public holidays, be sure to renew your membership the day before or Wednesday. Otherwise, Bama will not be responsible for retrieving your ads or renewing your membership. Membership renewal for the same day is from 9 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday to Wednesday. In case of payment or notification outside the mentioned time, the extension will take place on the next working day.


The following actions will guarantee the execution of a warning to the user, temporary or complete blocking of the perpetrator's account, transfer of him to the black list, referral of the matter to legal authorities and filing a criminal or legal complaint against him by the Bama legal team.

Transmitting and posting anything that violates the rights of others. Also include threatening and offensive words that violate personal or social rights, vulgar content, or even objectionable material that incites criminal acts.

Violation of the intellectual property rights of the website owners or any unauthorized use of the website information, directly or indirectly, without the permission of the site management, will result in prosecution. Obviously, the use of site information by explicitly mentioning the title of Bama as a source and for legal purposes is not prohibited.

Harassment, insult, threats, defamation or in general any kind of crime against natural or legal persons in any form (including in-person-phone-email-SMS, etc.) in case of informing us or a valid complaint, causes prosecution.

Unauthorized access, hacking, destruction, hacking, blocking or blocking access to data or computer and telecommunications systems of the Website and its users, or threatening to commit it even if it does not actually lead to a computer attack, will result in prosecution.

Any republishing or copying of advertisement information from Bama site without obtaining written permission from the site administrator, which leads to violation of the rights of advertisers and financial losses of Bama managers, will result in prosecution and will be subject to criminal and legal complaint by Bama or other persons. Was. Extracting the contact information of advertisers and inviting them to advertise on their website is also included in this section.

The use of any computer technology to automatically browse or copy the pages and information of the Bama site will result in prosecution.

Important note:

Dear users, by sending a private message to the e-mail related to public complaints to the address: info@khodro0.ir, you can submit your complaints, criticisms and suggestions regarding the publication of advertisements that have not complied with the above criteria, entitled "Complaints / Criticism / Suggestions". »Register and inform.

Bama is committed to review the complaint within a maximum of ten working days and, if correct, to take appropriate action and take appropriate action. This will include sending a warning to the offender and imposing a performance guarantee against him or her.

In any case, the complainant will be notified of the outcome of the follow-up.

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