Feta Police Safe Shopping Guide

Iranian Cyber ​​Police

We all sometimes use online shopping or online shopping for personal purchases, and while shopping with pages called the cheapest, exceptional prices, incredible discounts, half prices and ... We are faced with what methods to use to buy safely from these sites:

Cyber ​​Tips and Warnings
»Reputable stores accurately post the actual details on their website.
» Buy from sites Which must have the symbol of electronic trust. This symbol is issued by the e-commerce development center. Currently, sites with the symbol can be viewed through the Enamad.ir site. Most scam sites are active with titles such as buying cheap recharges, buying mobile phones, buying sanitary ware, etc., so click on the trust icon to make sure it is valid.
»Reputable stores usually how to receive and They have different payment methods, such as online payment, by post, etc., which must be purchased safely.
»In online payments through bank portals, pay attention to its security instructions.
»One of the cases in such sites is the existence of fake phishing pages, so be careful of these fake sites and pay attention to the site address when making online purchases.
Identifying phishing pages:
Pay attention to the address The site in question (payment gateway) for online financial transactions is an example of fake addresses:

www.khodrosefrr.i r

www.khodrosefrr.i r



The main URL of the site must use security protocols. Such as:

https: //www.khodro0.i r

https: //www.khodro0.com

Notice the inconspicuous changes to the pages you visit, meaning Fisher may provide a site similar to the original site designed and made available to the user.
These phishing sites may With the titles of cheap recharge, incredible discounts, etc. to be available to the public.
What should we do now ?????? Do not buy online ???? Naturally, this is not the case, so we should follow these tips. Note:
1. Pay attention to the page address and enter the desired site manually
2. Note that the address of the desired port must contain the HTTPS protocol and if it uses only HTTP to it. Be suspicious.
3. Use your virtual site or computer keyboard to enter numbers including (card number, internet password, second card code or cvv2, expiration date).
4. Note the security code To understand this, it is not a photo that you have to press the refresh key once to understand this issue, so that the letter changes can be seen for you, if it does not change, the desired site is fake.
5. From Enamad.ir site Store credit Search the Internet د.
6. If possible, choose an online store with an e-Trust symbol to buy.


Report a violation report on the Iranian Cyber ​​Police website